Coaching Manuals

All the manuals & references on this page are in Portable Document Format (PDF) and you will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® to be able to view or print the manuals. Acrobat Reader® is free and readily downloadable from the following web site

E&DJSA Coaching Manual - Practical Guidelines for Coaching

This particular manual was written by Barry Whitaker and is directed at all age groups and includes some coaching ideas for goalkeepers, so please download the "E&DJSA Coaching Manual - Practical Guidelines for Coaching" onto your computer rather than opening it on the web.  You can then read it at your leisure and print any relevant pages or chapters you need.  Barry an SASF ex-goalkeeper has undertaken the writing of a new manual specifically aimed at goalkeeper training.

How to download the Manuals & References onto your PC

Click the link below and the manual should open.  Click “Save” and select the directory into which to put the document on your computer.


Manuals Available from the Internet

The author of the manuals listed below Tony Waiters has withdrawn them from free access over the Internet (05Jul04).   Please visit his web sight at World of Soccer for more information on how now to reference his books.

David Smith Coaching Web-Site

David Smith has created his own website at and is now contacting organisations around the world to raise awareness of this great FREE resource.  There are currently 60+ quality football practises and games on the site, suitable for all ages, with many more to come. Each drill comes with diagrams and clear instructions and all are in easy to print PDF format.  E&DJSA would like to thank David for making this site available to us and hopes that our coaches will make the maximum use of this currently free resource.