Volunteer Screening

DHS Screening

DHS Screening checks are mandatory for all coaches and will be renewed every three years.  It is the responsibility of each club to ensure that all of their coaches have clearances or have submitted an application to DHS no later than one week prior to the commencement of the season.  Non-compliance will result in the coach being banned from coaching until his/her application notification or expirey date of the check has been received by E&DJSA.  E&DJSA will fine any clubs that do not comply.

E&DJSA General Secretary

DHS Screening Certificate Instructions for team committee members,coaches and team managers

  1. Go to the below attached document and follw the instructions to complete DHS screening check for South Australian volunteers.
  2. Once you have received the successful application please take it to your club who must sight it but not keep it for their records. The club will then advise EDJSA that you have got your Certificate successfully.
  • Question: Why do DHS Screening volunteers have to return the authorised application form to the organisation for endorsement?
  • Answer: The DHS Screening Check authorisation should remain secure within an organisation to prevent illegitimate usage. The DHS Screening must be endorsed after the applicant has had their application and identification authorised..

Endorsement of the application form provides a declaration that the applicant named on the form is an unpaid volunteer and so there is no fee.  

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