E&DJSA Mission Statement

The promotion of competitive sport among students of schools that are conducted by non-profit bodies and to provide facilities to play soccer for all juniors in Adelaide

Latest News Headlines - 20th March 2017

  1. One Tree Hill JSC - Players Wanted.....more
  2. Para Hills West - Players Wanted....more
  3. Valley View SC - Players Wanted..........more
  4. Para Hills West. - Players Wanted..........more......more

(Back) John Hadnuk & John Allen

(Front) Founding Member - Len Spriggs

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Opening of E&DJSA Daveron Park HQ in 2006 from left, Marylyn Baker (Mayor of Playford ), Len Spriggs and John Allen

Referee’s Update

  1. FIFA Law 4- Players Equipment
  1. Dennis Moore Trophy


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